Hello, I am Aravindhan! 

I am so happy to have you on my website. As you can see, this site is fully dedicated to writing. If you are a fellow writer like me, I think the tips on this site will be helpful in your writing journey. All the suggestions and guides will provide you with sufficient knowledge to get a decent start to your story that’s been locked away somewhere in your mind. Since I am also in the learning phase when it comes to writing, my story writing advice would include more of my observations. I believe this approach would help you more because I put forth ideas that came to me when I was writing my first 60-page novel, “THE CROSS I BEAR.” All the challenges that I had to face helped me understand more about this craft. 

So, I welcome you to go through my English articles that generally have all the novel writing tips. You can learn how to write a short story under 1000 words or learn how to write dialogues that work! Stay tuned to the site as I strive every day to give practical advice to help you start writing your first novel. 

I will soon update (and keep updating) more about writing in that section. 

Since I have another role as a writer in Tamil, there is a whole section where I pen my thoughts as essays. For the most part, it deals with nostalgia, keen observations of the world around, and sometimes–pure philosophy. 

Where did all the writing start? 

The origin of my passion goes as far back as my school days. It all started because I was an introvert back then–and still to some degree. Usually, when a schoolboy doesn’t talk too much with others, what would he do? Everyone would have their variation of an answer but mine was writing. 

My spare notebook would have all sorts of rhyming words, vaguely complete lines, or just rumors of an idea. You are more likely to see them scrawled over the page with no structure in mind. Wherever there was a white space, I would take it. 

So, I would write simple English poems with funny rhyme schemes like Pain – Gain, Not – Bought, or Same – Game. Well. You get the idea. My friends, at that time, saw me as if this craft never existed to them before. 

That sense of fulfillment in creating something of beauty made me take up writing as a serious passion. 

What am I currently pursuing? 

At present, I am writing lyrics in Tamil for short films. Beyond penning words for songs, I am writing long form content like blog posts and novels. I have recently released a short story titled “The Cross I Bear,” focusing mainly on character development and philosophy. 

Apart from the creative side, I am working as a professional Content Writer. I handle the branding where I work with my team on different marketing strategies and subsequently get all the collaterals ready. It makes a great place to flex my content muscles on the formal side of things.


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